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Concierge Primary Care Membership Program:

We are excited to offer a separate Primary Care personalized healthcare membership program that provides participating patients with numerous benefits, including my dedicated emphasis on your preventive healthcare and wellness.

Let’s face it, there is no better investment one can make than an investment in your health. After all, there is a direct correlation between the quality of your health and the overall quality of your life.

Whether you are a healthy, busy professional interested in staying well, or you have a particular disease, chronic condition, a family health history of concern, or just advancing in age; we encourage you to explore the numerous benefits of this membership program.

Concierge Patient Program Benefits include:

  1. 24/7 direct physician access, which reduces costly and time consuming urgent care or ER visits, via Dr. Rothenberg’s cell phone, email and call service
  2. Same day or next day unhurried office visits with minimal or no waiting
  3. Reserved appointments time for Concierge patients
  4. An investment of the time required to properly evaluate and treat complex medical conditions as well as multiple diagnoses
  5. An annual comprehensive executive preventive care physical examination to include an integrated health approach that incorporates Dr. Rothenberg’s clinical experience in Primary Care and rheumatology to develop a personal treatment plan
  6. Personalized patient education on healthy living and wellness focused on your life goals and improved function including general nutrition, exercise, stress and weight management
  7. Education will be conducted by both Dr. Rothenberg and his office staff
  8. Confidential patient portal for access to your records, results and direct email with Dr. Rothenberg
  9. Staff facilitation of appointments with specialists and other health care practitioners utilizing Dr. Rothenberg’s extensive personal provider network
  10. Detailed reports and information forwarded to your medical consultants
  11. Discussion of consultation and procedure reports with you and your family
  12. Dr. Rothenberg maintains a staff position at Suburban Hospital, as well as, a good professional rapport with their hospitalists to coordinate your care if needed. He follows your hospitalizations and clinical implications.
  13. Our office will submit insurance claim paperwork on your behalf, including Medicare. Although the practice is non-participating in Medicare and other health insurance plans, we will continue to have access to the Medicare and other in-plan physicians, facilities and hospitals.
  14. Confidential email portal with Dr. Rothenberg and staff

Create your membership ONLINE or Please call (301) 571 – 2273 (CARE) to schedule a complimentary meeting with Dr. Russell Rothenberg to enroll or to receive additional information. A limited number of memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can access the Patient Portal or copy the following url: https://myupdox.com/portal/DrRussellRothenberg/html/index.html


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